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Boyd's Dodge 3604bbl Dart Swinger,440 4spd T/A Challenger, 68 Dodge Monaco Wagon & a 78 3604bbl D100
68 Wagon and 78Truck pix


Driveline: | Front suspension: | Rear Suspension | Body | Interior | 1971 Dodge Challenger | 68 Wagon and 78Truck pix | Some other cars

My truck.
A 1978 Dodge D100 360 4bbl with little red express exhaust.


Gradually being fixed up as time allows.


I need a tail gate and box in Toronto area.(no rot)

If you can help let me know.

Oh yeah, thats not me.

Here's some pix of the 68 Monaco wagon I picked up out west in Washington state.


Gonna rake it and add some mags

Here it is, home at the summer send off show.