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Boyd's Dodge 3604bbl Dart Swinger,440 4spd T/A Challenger, 68 Dodge Monaco Wagon & a 78 3604bbl D100


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1974 360 completely rebuilt .030 over 9:0/1 pistons.
New push rods,rockers, springs.
Heads: gasket matched, with casting clean up in bowls and ports, 1.88 intake and 1.60 exhaust.
Intake: Edelbrock performer gasket matched and ported.(which brings it up to LD340 specs)
with a completely rebuilt 73 Thermoquad.
Cam: Comp cams EX274H with lifters.
double roller timing chain/gears from Mopar performance.
Ignition: Mopar Performance electronic.
Exhaust: 1969 340 manifolds gasket matched and ported as far in to the runners as I
could reach (about three inches.) full 21/2 duals with cross over.
Rad: heavy duty 74 360 A/C 4 bbl.
Trans: 727 auto with Mopar shift kit and 2800 stall converter, new lines from YearOne.
Drive shaft from Dynamic shaft with Dana U-joints.
Rear diff: rebuilt 8 1/4 sure grip with 3:23 gears.

For more info please contact Jackson.

All drive line work was done during the summer of 99.
I have about 10,000 miles on it now.
Quarter mile time: low 15s with the 3:23 gears and street trim.
Top end on the hiway: I dont know I chickened out after the needle passed 120 mph.
Nice and smooth with lots of pedal left at that speed.