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Boyd's Dodge 3604bbl Dart Swinger,440 4spd T/A Challenger, 3604bbl D100 & 68 Dodge Monaco Wagon

Driveline: | Front suspension: | Rear Suspension | Body | Interior | 1971 Dodge Challenger | 68 Wagon and 78Truck pix

1974 Dodge Swinger 360



Drop me a line in Toronto Canada.
For more info please contact Jackson.

My 1974 Dodge Swinger.
When I found this car in 1996 It had 33,000 original miles, the original plug wires, hoses, belts with the original tires and rims beside it in the garage where it was kept.
The Swinger originally came with a 318/904 combo.
It now has a 360 4bbl 727 81/4 suregrip.
Original triple black colour scheme (as you will see.)
I drove the car (summers only) for almost two years while I planed out and collected all the parts I would need to do this project.
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All parts used on this car were new factory police/ hiperformance, Mopar Performance or quality after market. If I couldn't find it new I used high quality rebuilt parts.